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kisumi really likes to mess with haru, especially when it comes to makoto

fun fact: haru was way on the other side of campus before he felt his “KISUMI IS NEAR/TOUCHING MAKOTO” senses tingling


I have fallen so far into makoharu hell that I’ve actually been possessed by a gay swimming demon that only wants to draw snuggles 24/7

Also much thanks to gabbiegallery’s skin tutorial!  I never would have thought to shade that way and your coloring brush is one of the wonders of the earth! @_@

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Anonymous asked :
im a little late but in the drama cd i thought haru woke up just before mako was about to give him cpr, so did they actually touch lips?? i couldnt tell

Well, nothing is certain, they made it that way on purpose. it’s all conjectures from some of us who believe they did touch lips.

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I'm glad I followed you and you're very very cool :3

ANON OMG! dsfuhdfudghsddsdsaAS


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Makoharu family moments

They are such great daddies I can’t…

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